About this site

I created this project because, after many years of people evangelising and campaigning for access to public data, through GOV.UK this is now becoming reality.

The question, though, is what does this enable?

Transparency and ‘armchair auditing’ (a terrible phrase) are all very well, but I believe that the biggest impact would be through involving people more directly in the actual policies and politics that affect our daily lives.

Some of this will happen on GOV.UK itself, through things like consultations and petitions.

But other debates, campaigns and proposals can and must happen on other platforms.

Policy Positions is my contribution.

It is by no means perfect, or complete – but it’s a start.

I encourage you to read the policies linked to, in detail, and then to explain what you think of them.

Remember, you can update your position at any time. As the policies change over time, so too can your response.


Frankie Roberto